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I have experience in helping people with a variety of  mental health difficulties such as depression, anxiety, trauma, and  relationship difficulties from all walks of life.

I specialise in integrative physical and mental health, including long-term health conditions such as Long COVID, persistent pain, cancer, and diabetes.

I have a special interest in trauma and chronic  stress and the impact on the body including somatisation where emotional pain manifests itself physically


Check out my blog and resource page for topics of interest and do contact me for blog suggestions!

Looking forward to hearing from you. 


Get in touch with me today to schedule a free 20 minute phone consultation. 

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 I am Dr Sari Harenwall, a clinical psychologist based in York and online. I have a several years experience working for the NHS, not for profit organisations and privately.

I am passionate about reducing human suffering through the provision of evidence-based therapy and coaching to help people build a more fulfilling life. 

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