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15 minute phone consultation Free

50 minutes individual £120

90 minutes individual £180

Please note that I am only offering virtual appointments until further notice.

N.B. Sessions are paid 48 hours in advance to secure the booking.  

Stress Management course (8 weeks). Cost varied dependent on venue.

Mindfulness Workshop. Cost varied dependent on venue.

Introduction to ACT Workshop. Cost varied dependent on venue.

Self-compassion workshop. Cost varied dependent on venue.

Values workshop-Living your life with purpose. Cost varied dependent on venue.

Insurance Providers

If you have private medical insurance, please call prior to making an appointment to make sure that I am a recognised and approved provider.

Fees through insurance companies varies due to additional administration charges and  fee schedules agreed with individual insurance providers.

Cancellation Policy 

When you need to cancel your appointment, please give me at least 48 hours notice.  Unfortunately, as it is very unlikely that I will be able to fill a cancelled session if given 24-48 hours notice I will charge 50% of the fee. If cancelled less than 24 hours in advance I will charge 100% of the fee. This is to recover some of my losses such as room fee and income (You should note that insurance companies do not typically reimburse for missed appointments.). 

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